I don't think I can ever get tired of sunsets Even if it happens 20 times a day I would still be watching it spellbound … .. Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address... Continue Reading →

Weird fking day..

Guess who is in town?? Saaammmmmmm!!! After 7 years of living apart, we are finally in the same country and city! I was tracking her flight, and waiting for her like an excited monkey. And when i heard her voice i was like... "welcome to Dubai!!!" And i was so happy and thrilled, I will... Continue Reading →

Pushing through

I think I am having some success here with pushing through all of whatever is happening. Thanks to my friend C, who kept constantly telling me to not give up and to keep moving or do something even it’s the tiniest thing. And sending me screenshots of live baby's just our thing. It’s 10... Continue Reading →

3 years

Written on 20th Oct 2020 Trigger warning. I'm writing here about losing my mother, if you feel this can trigger you in anyway or upset you, please avoid reading this post. Today marks 3 years to the day  I was going home to be with Ammi (my mom) That was one of the hardest times... Continue Reading →

Prayers requested

Dad was rushed to ER today coz he had excruciating pain. It's his gall bladder. It hurt so bad he thought it's a heart attackBut he has a lot of other issues too, for which he is under treatment already.The scary part, this happened before his manic episode too.There's a whole chain of events/symptoms before... Continue Reading →

Moving on..

2 days back, late night, I saw my first 1-star and it hit me hard, but only for few minutes. I read it. Wrote a rant to post here but didn’t publish it, in case I want to get it removed, something I didn’t really want to do but was still an option to deal... Continue Reading →

First Negative Review

Looks like my days of glory are over. Wow Life couldn’t get happier. I don’t know what bit me I went on to have a look at my book, maybe for ego boost, because before today it only made me happy.. And then I saw this! My first negative review. First one star. And ..... Continue Reading →

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