Sometimes I want to pick rocks and pelt myself Or bring down stars and scratch myself with its edges Sometimes I really wish sky would tear apart and suck my up Or earth would crack open and gulp me down Some days I don’t want to exist Some days this seems like only thing that... Continue Reading →

End-of-day ramble

I was jumping with joy, until I was jumping in panic. Sometimes I just freeze in a moment and wonder what has my life come to? Can I do one thing without a problem? My sister disagrees… she says it runs in the blood. Well. I was happy that my basil and tomato seeds were... Continue Reading →

A lot and Nothing

A lot has been going on and in the middle of chaos suddenly you stop and feel nothing at all. My baby sis got engaged 3 days back. I wasn’t there and it was so overwhelming for me I couldn’t even talk to her for 2 days. I did make short calls. I was afraid... Continue Reading →

Hanging Obsession

This is not a contemporary art installation, it’s me drying flowers. Even though it did look like one in the end. In that case I’m going to call it The Hanging Obsession. … .. Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental... Continue Reading →

Sam was here..

Some people are like pieces of puzzle that complete your existence. They can be laying on a table, scattered and you are aware of their presence. But when they join you, its that moment you realize what was missing. Sam (my best friend, and my closest person) moved here. Something we both didn't know could... Continue Reading →

Sylvia Plath – Portrait Art

I have always wanted to paint Sylvia Plath. It was one of my dream artistic endeavors.I dreamt of having a wall of my artwork, which are mostly expressionist portraits of women. In that dream Sylvia had to be queen of that wall.I started it on a whim. After 2 days and 2 centuries of patience,... Continue Reading →

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