The Next Morning

Ever been so exhausted that you can't tell which muscle is hurting the most? The morning after holidays, feels like waking up from coffin, because you probably thought you wouldn’t be able to make it. It’s surprising to be alive sometimes.  Too much peopling can be fatal. Morning coffee hits like a those life saving... Continue Reading →

Happy Eid

Eid Mubarak Everyone! May God bless us all with health, peace and prosperity, especially my brothers and sisters in Palestine. A part of me can't stop being sad after attack on Al Aqsa mosque. May we all get to see a world without war, violence oppression and pandemic soon.    Ameen. 

Chand Raat Ramble 🌙

Switching to a new shampoo or cleanser etc etc, is always an upgrade, because you are moving on in life and figuring out what suits you better. But guess what. I have tried every hair product available to man and my crazy psychotic mane still looks like those things of 90s that we used to stick... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Excerpt of ‘Consistent Creative Content’ by Lee Hall – Reblog

A book by our blog friend who actually knows how to sell a book being an indie author.
I pre-ordered already.

Lee's Hall of information

Hello cultured reader, here are the first few pages of my authoring and blogging guide book which is currently available for pre-order at a discounted price.

I figured it was a good idea to share a snippet of what you can expect in the book which I hope helps fellow wordsmiths on their authoring and blogging journey…


This book explores what I’ve learnt on my publishing journey, presenting it in a way that I hope will inspire you to believe in your own abilities to replicate and even surpass my success. Belief is all you really need on any journey and if I can get results that I’m happy with, then you certainly can. Success is based upon how you judge the results of something over time – it’s both fickle and in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve always measured my results beside the number from where I…

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Do you guys even realize how amazing you all are? Last few days, or whole month have been harder than usual for too many reasons. And I think my posts came off as I’m in some sort of distress. Because you all jumped to shower me with your kind words and showed me you care... Continue Reading →

Avalanche of words!

hey, How are you all? I’m dying. I just figured life is all about stressing over how to make money and then stressing over what to do with it. Sounds like fight club, but Taylor Durden wasn't real. Always remember that! Project mayhem in real life lands you in jail. Btw I just started reading... Continue Reading →

Inner Voices

A thought crossed my mind with I was out for walk, currently the best time of my day. I remembered reading Rumi’s quote about it and found these words when I searched: "Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are." “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”  Whatever we see, read, listen, and our senses soak up as... Continue Reading →

Final Breaths

I heard dry rustling  Stench burned my eyes Pain numbed my mind My carcass perched On the edge of my grave Pale and faded Dry as a twig Soulless Like forgotten pages Of forbidden books Winds crackled my skin And I saw my existence Flaking and tumbling Down my body And pooling around me Like... Continue Reading →


How hard is it to make parents happy? Sometimes it takes just a random little thing. Yesterday I was out for walk and I have this habit of taking really random pictures of flowers, trees moon etc. And pictures of lights. We have fake small lakes where I go for walk and the buildings mirroring... Continue Reading →

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