Gaping Hole and the Gravel

Recently when I lost one of my closest friends, it felt like a gaping hole. I was scrolling through support groups and I noticed a lot of people using same terms to define the gap left behind, when they lost a loved one. I will talk about my own experience here because grief is too... Continue Reading →

Attention New Visitors/Followers!

This has happened before and this is happening again, especially recently. Or maybe I’m noticing now. So, most of the times, when somebody follows me I reciprocate and same goes for the likes, except if its purely business/marketing/magazine site and something I don’t understand, which is very rare. Recently quite a few of you have... Continue Reading →


Rain. Little women. Crepes with chicken filling, and Kashmiri chai (pink tea) with family. (I made all of it). Also made foccacia yesterday which was gone in 15 mins. (Apologies for not taking apitizing food pictures. Mirzas are impatient breed, we cook and eat. by the time food is not even ready, everyone is in... Continue Reading →

My Angel, C

We never know what’s going to hit us next, but if you have the right people around you, life gets easier to deal with. They pull you in their warm embrace and build a protective shell around you. That’s what my C was to me. She flew into my life in the most painful phase.... Continue Reading →


I don’t know how am I going to move on with my life. Minutes and days pass by and I feel time has stopped for me. And it’s painful. I’m living but not living completely without her. I desperately want to hold on to her voice in my mind and when it starts to fade... Continue Reading →

Beyond devastated

I just saw notification that it’s my blog’s 5th anniversary. But today is such a hard day. We lost C, one of my closest dearest friend who gets mentioned here too but I we both chose to reserve her identity. I got the news last night and it’s… I can’t even explain the painful emptiness... Continue Reading →

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Reading The book thief was like watching somebody write a beautiful story and then they started erasing it. And now I’m looking at scars etched in paper with lead rubbed off. The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak and published in 2005 is story of a little 10-yr old girl named Liesel, narrated by death... Continue Reading →

Random Question

I'm reading The book thief and I suddenly felt like asking you all... How did you get into reading??? what/who inspired you to read? I would love to hear this part of your story. I'm sure it's interesting 🙂

Markus Zusak on Failures

I think I have been internalizing my anxiety or it internalized itself. I didn’t notice until I felt tremors in my hands. Hurt to see, when you have been struggling and remained oblivious to it. So, I disconnected myself from rest of the world and I stayed in my room to finish reading The Book... Continue Reading →

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