Aaaaaannd.. Done! – Portrait art

Remember that portrait I ended up making look like Michael Jackson? This one.. Yea here's the whole story. So my portraits are mostly instinctive. I don't use reference images and just do my thing. This time I thought maybe if I trace from an image I would save me the time of drawing the image... Continue Reading →

Anger Management

Last night I maxed my weirdo level. I was super pissed. So I went to the kitchen, made strawberry and blueberry crumble (I'm currently obsessed with crumbles, surprise!!). So I made it, took a piping hot serving with ice-cream, and dumped myself on a couch. I have actually kinda fixed a small area for myself... Continue Reading →

Triggers #poetry

Shards of memories Send ripples through my mind And shake my soul Shattering my heart All over again As new scars are etched Over my past wounds Old scabs are scratched Mindlessly.. Turning my body Into the blue ruins And I lay half-dead Curling into myself Or I will vapourize And lose my existence Into... Continue Reading →

On the Foot of the Hill.

Human body is complicated. We survive alot more than we thing we can.But if our system is rattled once, we have permanent damages that just sit silently below the surface, waiting for a trigger, mostly any kind of stress.By any kind i mean physical emotional or mental or a brutal concontion of all of them.Emotionally... Continue Reading →

Meet Bekki Semenova 🙂

Last week this incredible kid contacted me and I haven’t been able to find the right words to convey her message because I was blown away by her strength. Bekki is a 17-year-old, who struggles with multiple mental health disorders and autism and yet she is passionate to spread awareness and break the stigma around... Continue Reading →

Lunatic – Poetry

Those magical nights are back again When the sky hypnotize me And stars devour my sanity I lose track of time As I lay on the sky above And count waves of the ocean Glowing below, as they charge To the lonely shore And I look at passing cars They look like fireflies Going home... Continue Reading →

Brain Train

Aaaaaaa!!! I'm dying.. Those were the last words of my muscles. I finally put back half of the stuff in the kitchen and pest control guy did a terrible job that I can see and I'm definitely going to complain tomorrow. So today I was literally standing in my kitchen all day. Moving stuff and... Continue Reading →

Brand New Tip Jar!

Hello, People of WordPress! Let me introduce brand new tip jar button. Tadaaaa…   The PayPal donate button looked unimaginative to put it simply. So, I designed my own tip jar button to match with our header. This baby will sit at the end of every post. Making a few more improvisations on the blog,... Continue Reading →

Motivation and all..

We all have our own precess, our own formula of to approach a task and accomplish it.Self-publishing, if you are serious about it is a daunting one-man show. Especially if you do everything by yourself.I have a checklist, everything is like a milestone in a marathon.But you need to envision the finishing line.If you don't... Continue Reading →

Worn Traditions #writephoto

I was standing on the verge of the same old worn steps that had endured merciless tradition for centuries. They were crafted by the feet of the women before me, pressured by the society, and the society before that and so on. They didn’t choose this path. There was always somebody holding the emotional whip... Continue Reading →

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