Mom- The invincible champion!!

Once upon a time I was busy working at home in my usual attire that comprised of a black trouser and tee, listening to music in headphones at a deafening volume. I was preparing a report that had to be submitted next day, lying on my bed in the pool of files, books, pencils, highlighters and tons of food.

I saw my mom coming. She was saying something as she started cleaning my room. I tried to read her lips but I couldn’t as constant staring at screen for hours gave me blurry vision. So I resorted to reading her expressions. I saw her eyebrows furrow and deep dents and lines forming on her forehead. Then her face turned scarlet. Then finger pointing started. I sensed my time has come. The grim reaper must be arriving soon.

I unplugged my headphones.

Mom:  Go get ready we are expecting guests

Me:      I am in the mid of something its kinda important. (the high-speed stabbing of keys begun)

Mom:  GO!!! Didn’t you listen?? They will be here any moment now. What am I telling you for half an hour??

Me:      I know I know.. just two minutes (started saving work)

Mom:  last time I am telling you. GET UP and go dress a bit PROPER. Try to look like a lady for a change.

Me:     just two mo….

..and a flying mop landed on my face… A frigging mop!!!

Yes!! My mom threw a mop at me. I lost sanity to judge its hygiene condition, all I know is that it was a wet mop. I ran to the bathroom like a headless chicken

I took shower and got “properly” dressed “like a lady”.

I saw that lethal weapon lying on the floor. It looked familiar. Obviously!! She was using my t-shirt as a mop, AGAIN. I fail to understand her enmity with my clothes.

Well. Rest of day went as she already planned.

So for me our moms are the indomitable champions. These cute women can’t hear NO. They can’t wait. They have this habit of winning which they can’t let go of. They know how to get anything done and you can’t even complain.

I wonder what would Mom Olympics look like…



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