Tenacious?? Maybe..

Me.   I am that clingy friend right? I hold onto people and then I get hurt

S.      Holding onto people is not bad. You care..

Me.  You are being biased

S.      No, I am not. Being loyal and not giving up on people is a rare quality

Me.  Or maybe I don’t know how to let go..

Maybe I am actually over-possessive..

Maybe over-love, over-care, I over-laugh, over-cry, go overboard with everything..

Maybe I don’t know how to give space. May be I am clingy, hopeless romantic, annoying..

Maybe I don’t realize when people can’t take it anymore..

Maybe I don’t know when to stop giving chances..

Maybe I don’t realize when all of this pushes me across that thin line between crazy selfless love and blind vengeful hate..

S.      You are thinking way too much.

Me.   See I over-think too

S.      C’mon

Me.   This scares me

S.      What’s scary about it?

Me.   I can’t control this insanely Tenacious behavior…

S.       …(silence)


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Tenacious?? Maybe..

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    1. Even if u are 1% tenacious thats what people would end up calling u.
      I still don’t know how much is rational. I go with the flow until i give up and once i do that i dont look back.

      Thanks for reading and appriciating. Means alot 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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