Surrender timely..

I ransacked my folder of 37 under construction blog posts still couldn’t find anything that I could modify and post for today’s word prompt. As I have splitting headache, I couldn’t think of anything new.

But I promised myself that I will try my best to write every day, so why not continue with yesterday’s situation.

Background: Kindly, refer to previous post.

…First I started with reading and summarizing the whole chapter, didn’t work. So I started skimming and trimming it.

After 7.5 hours of constant effort, I somehow managed to squeeze 10 pages into 2 pages. But when I read it, it downed on me that I am ruining something sacred. I am killing the soul of the original content just for the sake of making it shorter.

Then I did something that required immense courage… without wasting another second I surrendered and apologized to my friend.

I said “look, if I continue doing it I will finish it eventually. But when somebody like me, who has never studied Sufism, will try to compress its 20-page long theory in 1 page the end result will turn out to be a shallow set of words. Its actual spirit will be lost.” And I e-mail whatever I had written.

There comes a point when stepping back from a situation Timely saves you from worsening it.


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11 thoughts on “Surrender timely..

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  1. I hear the wisdom and integrity of choosing not to attempt to express to a wider audience. It seems to me and that the words you wrote were meaningful, because in attempt to write about one thing, you discovered something else profoundly important to you.

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  2. I too have a dreadful time trimming past posts. After all, I am already past the post. Which is why I tend to go with the flow and write in the hear and now with these word prompts. Meanwhile, very tricky to do, I am diligently working on killing my darlings and sharing in separate posts.

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    1. Actually it wasnt a blog post its was a friend’s college assignment.

      I myself i am trying to go with the flow of word prompts as i am new to blogging. I really cant go back to an old post and make any amendment.
      Why are u trimming old posts may i ask??


      1. I skipped on major edits to keep my blog entries relevant.
        Time has taught me this can prove cringe worthy upon reading again. In addition, I am taking out names of people and unnecessary information. Blogging has been a steep learning curve and I am still climbing!

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      2. Climbing again 😀
        Thats right i m learn something new everyday and something that actually defies my previous knowledge.
        Since the beginning i avoided adding names; mine and others. Saves me from so much chaos and judgement.


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