Ladders to Destiny

Me:  Dada jaan, I am scared.

I clutched the phone hard. My hands trembled as I was trying so hard not to cry. The lump in my throat blocked my words.

Grandpa:  What happened to my lion? (His soothing voice trying to calm me down as I am sure he must have sensed my situation.)

Me:  I have an exam tomorrow.

Grandpa:  So??

Me:  It’s a tough one.

Grandpa:  How’s your preparation??

Me:  It’s not bad.

Grandpa:  Then what is there to be scared of???

Crippled with fear, I fought back tears. I didn’t want him to hear me sobbing.

Grandpa:  Exams are not your destiny. They are the ladders leading to destiny. If you are scared of Climbing the ladders, how will you ever be able to achieve anything in life? You will find obstacles in your journey but that’s natural. Fear shouldn’t stop you.

Me:  hmm…

His voice and words had casted their spell. After this call the moment I hit the pillow I fell asleep, which is a rare occurrence.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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