The clock is lying to us!

Are you mystified about the speed of time??

Do you feel time doesn’t follow its assigned intervals; it has a mind of its own??

The clock and actual time is playing hide and seek with us??

It doesn’t pass at the same rate when the needle moves from one mark to other.

Some events has this supernatural power to stop time, when your mind goes blank and you lose the track of reality… your surroundings… your own identity…

Some moments slow it down. I saw an eagle take flight from a very short distance, ascending so gracefully in slow-motion. I froze in fright… in astonishment… in admiration..

And then at some occasions time Zips right in front of us and all we are left with are skid marks… the dust… the smoke…

The clock is lying to us!


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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