Thank You Guys :)

I started journaling last year when I was living on the verge of clinical depression and anxiety. I found it easier than sharing anything with people who misunderstand most of the times.

My BFF, Sam recommended I start blogging.

I had no idea how to even begin. With her help and another friend’s guidance I kicked it off.

Coming up with the name was easy. I have explained it in my posts; Charsi (Stoner) and Roller Coaster.

I published my first post on 27th Dec 2016, followed by 5 more posts in 3 months. But I wasn’t actually participating in anything. I didn’t have friends on WordPress and a very close circle of friends actually know that I have a blog, so for me it was more like talking to a wall.

Then I came across daily word prompts. On 4th April, I published my first post for the word “cusp” and things started rolling.

Since then publishing a new post everyday then reading 150-200 entries on the grid, liking and commenting on them has become a routine.

On 15th march I had 100 views… right now I have 1011.

Thank you guys! For stopping-by, reading, liking, commenting on my blog.

And special thanks to the followers 🙂

This wall has become a window that helps me breathe, speak my heart out and appreciate this amazing community of genuinely nice people.


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23 thoughts on “Thank You Guys :)

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your posts, as well. I’m glad I follow you. I can definitely relate to depression and anxiety. The beauty of blogging is that you can post about anything here. Don’t you agree? Sometimes I post about mental illness and sometimes I don’t.

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  2. It is helping you a lot I assume. Did you see a Dr about the depression. Often it’s brain chemistry. I like you blog. I started in January I believe. Blindly. Book Reviewer and was told I needed one. I had the same experience with daily Word Prompt.

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    1. Actually i have an autoimmune disease my treatment pushed me into depression. A nurse pointed out that i should see somebody so i went to doctor she wasnt a psychiatrist exactly but she helped me alot.
      I have tried alot of things to keep myself sane but blogging has helped the most
      My blog and a guitar (also something completely new to me) are my therapists these days 🙂

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  5. Congratulations!!!! This is remarkable and astounding. I love the content here as it’s real and something I can relate with! Good Job and Continue through!


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