How to kill a flying cockroach!

Blanket resonates with something that embraces you and protects you.

Who knew it could be used as a weapon. Before you imagine me strangling somebody with a blanket let me explain please.

One fine day I heard my sister shriek…


…..and the day wasn’t fine anymore!

Me:   What!!! Where?? Where?? Did you see it fly?? (I got up scanning the whole place like a hawk)

Sis:    Yes it was flying… (She broke into an instant hip hop)

Me:   Where is it now? (I was dying with fear but I knew one of us had to be sane)

Sis:    A cockroach… it was flying.. (Hysterical)

Me:   I heard that!!! Now stop jumping like a kangaroo!! Where is it?? (Grabbed her shoulders and shook her)

Sis:    It was flying and then I couldn’t think of anything so I threw a blanket over it.

Me:   What?? Are you out of your frigging mind??

Sis:    There….(She pointed at a blanket on bed)

Me:   THAT’S MY BLANKET!! HOW DARE YOU!! (I could kill her at that moment I swear)

Sis :   I was scared it was fl….

Me :   Say “it was flying” one more time!! I dare you!! I double dare you!!

And what exactly do you plan to do now?

Sis :   Smash it with a book.

Me:   Unbelievable!! Why don’t you work for pest control guys??

Sis:    We can do this! It’s under the blanket. We just take a heavy book and beat the blanket with it. We can do this.

We followed her plan. Did we have a choice??

Me:   Now what??

Sis:   Now we wait for dad

Me:  Really??

Sis:   No! He will disown us if he sees this. Ok! Lets fold it keeping it the way it is, so that the body with be folded in it and then we throw it in trash!

Me:  Ok, Cool. Do that!!

And I left the room. When I returned the blanket and bed sheet both were gone.

Sis:    ummm that had a print of dead cockroach

Me:   You owe me a blanket

Sis :  We will get you a pretty one. Your favorite color!

Me:  I hate you!

Needless to say, my whole family has serious phobia of flying cockroaches. We prefer facing a zombie over them!


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