Crazy Childhood Memories

I have whole treasure trunk of crazy childhood memories in my head.

I grew up in an apartment building. The project consisted of 250 units and it had a huge compound in the centre; we treated that as our play ground.

The moment clock would hit 9 pm mark, all of us would start gathering in the compound like a pack of animals. The scene looked like something straight out of a Nat-Geo documentary.

The early birds would start calling rest of the hooligans. Sometimes we would go to our friends’ home to drag them out.

Once we manage to gather a certain number of kids, the game would kick-off.

Most of the games were invented by us, some we learned from our seniors. Our favorite was Soup-Pala (God knows who came up with this name; there was no soup involved at all and till date we don’t know what a pala is!). It was played on an already engraved grid on the floor, very technical!

We didn’t even need bats or any equipment. It was just our legs running and our hands catching or pushing each other.

Friends and cousins of existing players were welcomed. At times kids from Neighboring buildings would want to join us. We would discuss among ourselves if we could trust them and let them join too. If we would see 2 3 new comers standing in the corner we would pause the game and adjust them.

There was no gender or age restrictions, most of us were between 10 to 16 years of age and everybody would get a chance to lead.

5 minutes after the commencement we would go crazy.

We would run blindly until we tripped over something or ran into some wall.

The funniest incidents happened when one kid falling would take around 10 15 kids with him/her. It looked like dominoes chain reaction.

My knees getting nursed was a routine.

Our parents would visit us to watch our insanely brainless games with water, snacks and band-aids for us.

We would run, play, dodge, drop until we were bleary..Knackered.. drained.. dead..DONE!

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22 thoughts on “Crazy Childhood Memories

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      1. Yep,true that! The bane of technology has been reducing the millennial generation to robotic machines glued to the windows in their palms…and ironically enough,we too have become the same but atleast we got to experience ‘a thrilling childhood’ which was filled with banters, bonding,and cherished fights which gave us friendships that would last a lifetime

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      2. I agree. We are at fault too. May be we are not setting good examples for them when all we are doing is just staring into screens.
        When we tell any kid about our adventures they look at me like a just came from another planet.
        Those were really good times.

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      3. Haha and yea they were..I know it is gonna be difficult and idealistic but when we become parents,we must make sure our kids don’t grow up to be the same, if they imbibe the right values then they will impart the same,and childhood will be a beautiful phase once again..But for this to happen,like you mentioned since we too are at fault,it requires some small sacrifices from us so that we be the right models for our future generation..


      4. I highly doubt it. I have seen so many couples saying ‘we wont do this to our kids’ and then when they become parents the best remedy to calm down a wailing child for them is to hand over some gadget to him.
        Only time will tell what will we become.

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