Tuberose Aroma Therapy

Some fragrances have calming properties in them. That’s why people rave about aroma therapies.

They can infiltrate our minds and start comforting our exhausted souls. They can untangle the knots of mental chaos that we knit in our heads on daily basis.

White flowers have some miraculous effect on my anxious self.

Be it jasmine, arabian jasmine, plumeria, white rose, white blooming jasmine/cestrum or spider lily (they are addictive), their scent can transport your soul to another world.

At a point, I made tuberoses an integral part of the interior of my room.

My driver knew where to get a bunch at reasonable price so every weak we would go there on the way back from class and get a bunch of tuberoses. I would assemble it in a crystal vase. They last 4 to 5 days if you change water regularly.

Once its Perfume would start floating in the air, the cluttered room would magically transform into a garden…at least in my head!

It was like living in a constant aroma therapy.

There’s something about white flowers. They look chaste, elegant, magical, mysterious all at the same time and they smell insanely amazing!


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  1. I’m with you about white flowers! We have night-blooming jasmine at our house right now, and nothing can beat the fragrance — just wish the blooms weren’t so short-lived!

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