The Idiot Box

When I tell people I don’t watch TV they look at me as if I just told them I am an alien.

And then they get scared when I tell them it’s because I think television Controls us

Call me a control freak but you can’t deny it. I have explanation to support my theory.

Your eyes are glued to TV. You are engrossed in this show. Suddenly you need to answer the call of nature. Why nature WHY???

Can you do anything about it?? You can’t pause. And you can’t afford to risk a bladder explosion. You have to take the call.

You have read good reviews of this movie so you really prepare yourself. You make sure nothing disturbs you. Your phone is on silent mode. You grab a bag of your favorite caramel popcorns. It’s weekend and you want to have fun right??

It’s a thriller and you are absorbed in it, but the popcorn in your mouth isn’t sweet enough so you look for a well coated pop-corn in the bag. And you find it! You lift your head up and….What are you looking at???

Completely different characters on the screen??

You have to switch back and forth just to make sure it’s the same channel. You are confused because you don’t even know what you have missed.

Oh! and the remote drop..

It should take 2 seconds to pick it up. But the most important part of the show slips in those 2 seconds. You hurl abuses left right and centre, literally on the top of your lungs. You smash the remote on the wall. The batteries from remote pop-out, fly across the room and hit the TV screen!!

Great! now you will be paying for being mad at this idiot box.

And the ads… don’t even get me started on ads.. I will save it for another blog post.


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17 thoughts on “The Idiot Box

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  1. Yep, exactly true! Books are way more forgiving. You just put them down and they’re exactly where you left them when you return from. . . answering the call of nature!
    Actually, the other big problem with television is that it engages too many senses. Because it is both auditory and visual, it is impossible to pay attention to other people without missing what is going on.
    Great post!

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  2. Haha – the title grabbed me because my dad used to call it that! As kids, we weren’t allowed to watch the “idiot box” unless it was dark outside. Daylight = no idiot box! Haha! Anyways, you are right about the control thing which I think has much to do with the commercials. We need to buy this, eat that, do this, etc, etc, etc. That’s all control to brainwash people. You’re doing yourself a favor not watching it!

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