50 shades of tan

My parents have huge collection of our childhood pictures.

I was cleaning our study with mom and we ended up having amusing discussion on our old pictures.

Me:   I looked so different when I was a kid. Nobody can guess it’s me, I was switched or what? (I was holding a picture of me when I was 2)

Mom:   You looked fine till that age. But then you started playing in street like boys and got horrible tan.

Me:   So that changed my whole face??? What kind of tan was that?

Mom:   When you would go in sun you would turn red… beetroot red!

Me:   Ok that sounds pretty natural isn’t it?

Mom:   Then red would change to burgundy.

Me:   What?? How is that even possible? (I freaked out)

Mom:   Then that burgundy would change to purple, like a BRUISE! (Ignoring the fact that I am not enjoying it)

Me:   Mom. Seriously. How do you come up with all of that??

Mom:   No you DID look like a bruise.

Me:   No wonder we got our imagination from you.

Mom:   I am not making this up see (she handed me my 5th grade school picture and it hit me like a tidal wave)

Me:   I was burgundy!

Mom:   I told you

Me:   O my God (Janice-style)

The other day I met one of those kids and we were looking at that picture laughing at old times.

Friend:   Where are you? I can’t see you in this picture

Me:   Do you see a baby chimp standing right here?? (I pointed to a smiling little monkey).

He just smiled. I know he lost his vocabulary. Guys I used to play with looked way better than me. I didn’t even look like a human kid.

Thank God my burgundy phase was Temporary and I grew out of it.

Pictures of that time give me goosebumps, to be honest.

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  1. Here is my daily dose of humour:DThat said, I really love the way you write,words which never fail to make me smile a nd grin( I am saying this everytime, ain’t I,but they do,really:D)keep spreading the joy✌

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