What is it with pink?

Color Pink is associated with femininity since ages, but it has never been my favorite color.

I don’t understand how all these pink clothes ended up in my wardrobe…

Well. I know..

My mom shops for me.

Yea yea! I can’t shop. I don’t like shopping.

I am very indecisive when it comes to clothes, accessories and all.

I am not indecisive about food though… I exactly know what I want to have.

Priorities guys…priorities!

Growing up I was closer to my dad than mom and he always treated me like a guy and that made mom go mad all the time.

My dad would call me “undertaker” when girls my age were “princess” and “cupcake”.

When girls used to help moms in the kitchen I was helping my dad with his office work.

Mom tried hard to raise me like a typical girl. In my teens she sent me to sewing classes and made me watch cooking shows with her but that didn’t produce the results she wanted.

So I think this is her way of reminding me and herself that the kid she gave birth to long ago actually is a girl.


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26 thoughts on “What is it with pink?

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  1. I have very little pink in my wardrobe. It’s a pretty color, but doesn’t compliment me in any way. My favorite clothes color is blue. It goes with my eyes. I also like green, and lately orange has been my new favorite color.

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