Crazy Stupid Hospitality!

My family is weirdly over-hospitable, specially my parents.

Everybody knows where to go when they are hungry for some home-cooked food.

Sounds sweet right?? Then how can it be weird??

Well… when we have guests, feeding them till their eyes start popping out becomes my parent’s ultimate goal. They can go to ridiculous lengths to make sure everybody in 1 km radius is well-fed.

When we were kids our friends stopped coming to our place. When we asked what went wrong they said, “Your mom forces us to eat fruits!”

And when their mom got to know she started bringing them again… WITH FRUITS!

My mom literally runs with food after us, our friends, neighbors, cousins…everybody!

Every child looks weak to her.

If you are sitting idle she will shove any available fruit in your hand, washed pitted and peeled. It’s implied that you have to eat it ASAP if you want to live.

And my dad… well… having meals with him is a nightmare.

He constantly refills all the plates on the table… no matter how you protest.

Since we are grown-ups now we get petrifying death stares by them if we fail to refill plates and glasses or we are running any slower than our mom.

I called my mom today to greet her on mother’s day but I didn’t even get a chance, as all she was worried about was if I am grazing enough!

Let’s just say, we are pretty famous for our crazy stupid Hospitality.


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  1. Haha, that’s fabulous! Sounds like Raymond’s mother with her boys on Everybody Loves Raymond :). I love the word buffoonery. I can’t resist any writing with that word in it.

    Liked by 1 person

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