The Spy – Paulo Coelho

Finishing a book has never been such a tedious task.

It took me at least 4 months when i can literally finish reading a book of similar wordcount in 2 days.

It wasn’t a very engaging book to be honest.

I didn’t know about Mata Hari before i read this book so i can’t comment on historical relevance of the content.

Reading it felt like witnessing a tornado sweeping away an innocent life.

But isn’t it what wars do??

Don’t people look for the easiest target to offload thier own burden of humiliation and sins even in normal lives to this day?

I shuddered to the thought of what this woman had to go through; getting away from torment, then trying to conceal her it and then being judged and punished for the path she chose.

Got this book just because of Paulo Coelho i like the way he weaves words.

It didn’t live upto expectations set by works like ‘The Alchemist’ ‘The Zahir’ and ‘The Fifth Mountain’.

But i will sleep a bit better tonight as i  finished reading one of many books that i abandoned after a few pages.


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5 thoughts on “The Spy – Paulo Coelho

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  1. Well done on finishing it. I haven’t read this one yet, but have enjoyed many of his books. I am almost finished “Manuscript Found In Accra”. I also picked it up because it was written by him, but have taken 6 weeks to read it. Have read a few other books in between. Sometimes I find we’re just not ready for some books, or maybe we never will be.

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    1. Paulo coelho can be a drag at time. A few of my friends actually dislike him. I find his writing soulful. I liked ‘the winner stands alone’ too. Its different from his rest of the works.

      Some book require readers to be in a specific state to understand it.

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