The Brassy Sky

When you leave home after 2.5 months everything surprises you

Like you have been blind folded for a long time

Like this spectacular Brassy sky that I would normally ignore

I looked outside and I couldn’t help wondering…is this what it always looked like???

I liked the summer breeze … it’s not scorching hot yet … its bearable

I was thinking is this how June always has been??? I was expecting it to be hotter

I went to a friend’s place and talked to her for 5 6 hours non-stop, my head started hurting.

And I thought is this how it’s always been??

Did it always hurt like that???

Then went out to eat and I could hardly eat 1/3rd of what I ordered…

Last time I remember when I ordered the same food I would leave plate squeaky clean


I will probably take time to adjust to the outside world…

I will probably take time to return to my old normal self

To be able to regain my normal appetite

To be my old chatterbox self again

It will probably take months of observing ever shifting kaleidoscope of sky until I will start ignoring it again…

Or maybe everything will start from the scratch…

Maybe it will be more of a revolution than evolution…

Maybe there’s difference between my old and new self

Maybe this new person like to eat less..Talk less… likes July breeze..

and loves brassy skies..


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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