Not an Ordinary Dog.

In school we were a group of three close friends. One of our Friend’s birthday would fall in summer vacation so we broke the tradition of giving birthday gifts. Instead we would do it on random days.

One day Sam brought a beans stuffed turtle for the 3rd friend and told me she had seen two such dogs; a white one and a red one. I chose the red one.

So she got me this red dog and kept the white one for her.

Since then it has become an obedient innocent and deeply adored family member.

It’s not an ordinary dog, he has been through a lot!

Once my baby brother was curious and he cut it open to check what was stuffed inside.

I threw a crazy tantrum and stitched it with the red thread so that it wouldn’t look ugly.

On another occasion a friend showed interest in adopting him, I politely refused and we both smiled.

Then my nephew fell in love with him.  Whenever he would cry, we would give him this red dog. He would play (chew him a little) and always gave him back to me.

He’s been kidnapped quite a few times by tiny bandits of my family. I had to go and rescue him from their captivity.

The worst ordeal my poor baby had to bear was when a cousin kidnapped him and I found him from his car…. All reverse tanned!!!

Half of his body was faded and Brassy as he was lying in sun at the back of car!

With a heavy heart I carried him back home and locked it in my closet where I keep my most fragile treasured memories.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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