The Tombstones

I was going to a graveyard

To look at our grave and confirm the demise of the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me

I was coming to you with those beans

The last thing I could ever give you

The tombstones of our grave

I felt I had been lying under the rubble for days

My lungs struggling

Eyes stoned..

What if I am wrong???

Then I closed my eyes and prayed

For one of the gazillion things we both madly loved

I prayed for rain

Impossible rain on a blazing hot day

I opened my eyes and saw raindrops glistening on the windscreen

The storm broke in and drowned me in your deceit

This was it!

I knew this was it!

I got of the car and walked towards you

The gravity under my feet felt a million times stronger

I could hear merciless winds blowing dry leaves off our grave

The same wind thrusting sand on my face

Igniting my already burning soul

My fists clenched tight I kept walking

You greeted me with a smile

It wasn’t your smile..

You were avoiding my eyes…

The zest of your voice was gone

Only devious lifeless words…

You were trying hard to act normal

But you looked Distant

I could stare straight into your soul and tell

That you had departed…

I gave you the beans

We smiled

And I started walking back

My feet surprisingly lighter

My head up

My heart content

“Smile” was engraved on one of the beans

I knew you would be needing this one soon…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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