Most Bizarre Interview EVER!

So. I was telling you guys about my first interview. Here is the link of previous post about it; Crisp!

But you can just read this one too it will still make sense.

Are all the conference rooms this dead silent?? I was having a conversation with the genius ME!

There was haunting silence in the room. Drinking water was annoying as I could hear water being gulped down my throat so loud I was hoping it wouldn’t start seeping out from my ears.

I was sitting there with my dad waiting for my turn.

Somebody from admin came and told me it’s my turn. He was almost whispering.

Maybe he feels the same way about stillness of this room.

I followed him to an office where 2 managers were waiting for me already.

The situation wasn’t as frightening as I expected it to be. I was greeted with sincere smiles and told to have a seat.

I was strictly following whatever my already working friends suggested. The dress, the posture, the smile and the gestures everything was a perfect reflection of my friends’ instructions and my endless goggle search on “how to cast a good first impression in an interview”.

They had my resume and they asked a little bit about me. And my research of sleepless week started flowing out of my mouth. I had spent days and nights looking up, understanding and memorizing about the firm and the job I was applying for….

Or the job I THOUGHT I was applying for!

Wait for it…its coming…


I went on elaborating what makes me the best candidate for the job. And managers listened…still… relaxed…unruffled…or confused? (That I figured out later)

And suddenly senior manager said, “You are giving wrong interview”.

Somebody pushed the freeze button. I literally froze!

It took me 2 years of exhausting cookery in the kitchen to convince my dad to even come and sit for this interview…and I screwed this up?

The genius was dumbfounded too.

They told me that the actual job was the one I was constantly telling them I am uninterested in, somebody in HR “mistakenly” called people for wrong departments from the pool of resumes they had!!!


Let that sink in!!

The Revelation hit me like a train. I lost my all my senses at once for a while.

 Why didn’t I Google “how to disappear”

Do they hand over cloaks to candidates when such shit happens to help them vanish?

Or one of the managers transforms into fairy God mother and wave a wand on them??? The junior manager would look cute doing that…

Or earth cracks open and swallows them???

This can’t be happening to me.

…..And I can’t be sitting here idle forever!

And I suddenly blurted out, “I can do that as well!”

And instantly regretted it!

….there you go again… you should have fixed some of your filters for this interview at least!

Damage control mode on! Come up with something ASAP you IDIOT!

And don’t scold yourself you will look like grumpy cat to them! Remember the rules!

I forced a smile, “I mean I know the basics I heard you need to take some certification for this job, what was that??”

They looked at each other and one of them said “CISA??”

“Yeah.. CISA! I might do it in near future as I am familiar with the concepts already.”

They started nodding and shared a look of approval.

Phew! The tornado has passed.

We discussed a little more about the ACTUAL job and we talked about expected salary and all. Surprisingly or let’s say miraculously I was hired!

I still don’t know what happened there.

I loved working for that firm… in a short span of time that job thought me more than I could learn in a decade maybe, about work… about people… and about myself!

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