It’s not about winning!


Why don’t I feel weight of this word?

It looks intense

Why can’t I hear drums and orchestra?

Why don’t I feel adrenaline rush?

No goosebumps?

No racing heart ?

No ecstasy?

Not a single memory of broad smile..

Deep dimples and tears of joy…?

How can this feel so insubstantial?

I have been staring at it for hours

And it has triggered nothing!

How can I be so unmoved

When the meaning of my real name is achiever?

How can I be so unresponsive

When all I was told ever was to RUN! RUN! and RUN!

Wearing horse blinders until I reach my destiny..

I have seen my highs..

And my lows..

I have been surprised by sudden victories..

And I have crawled out of my failures,

Beaten and defeated…broken and bruised..

But as a better human!

I remember my old self vividly..

I have lived enough to realize and believe,

It’s not always about winning!

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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