100 Posts!

A chain of extremely horrendous events pushed me over the edge and I realized people drain your positivity and energy in stupid arguments.

So I started writing a journal on this day :-


Another purpose of writing was preserving whatever I learned the hard way. I have short memory span. I learn my lessons and then I forget them so I had to write them somewhere so that I know what went wrong.

Rest of the details of how it kick started is here : Thank You Guys 🙂

And here we are today!

Pushing yourself to write everyday is demanding at times. There have been days when I questioned myself “why am I doing this?”

But then when your brain is hyper and your body is weak the best utilization of your energy is to write.

For somebody like me to be persistent with something like this is flabbergasting to myself even.

I would never be able to muster courage to write another post when I am explosive level sensitive and anything and everything de-motivates me.

It was all because of fellow bloggers and my friends who don’t use wordpress and are silent readers. All of you have been encouraging, compassionate, and inspiring belong believe.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys have no idea how heartening a like, a comment even a view has been to me.

I don’t know where it’s going to lead, right now I am loving this place. This is only good thing happening right now.


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19 thoughts on “100 Posts!

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  1. I used to write everyday when I was reporting. It keeps your brain sharp, so keep it up. You never know who you’re touching. And positive feedback is really the only thing writers want, so I’m happy to provide it.

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  2. What I enjoy about your writing is the feel…. you can feel your emotion, your thought, your compassion. You wrote about your friend and her drawing while talking to you, the survival kit… you can clearly see in others sometimes what they cannot see or need within them selves.
    Congratulations on 100 blogs.

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