Story of My LIFE!



This is so painfully funny!!

I read it and I went like….story of my life!!!


Guys as you all might know by now I have autoimmune so the medication used to treat me were immune-suppressants like imuran (azathioprine), cellcept (mycophenolat) and…..

….you guessed it already right???

THE DEVILS TIC TACS! Aka prednosone/prednisolone/gupisone (steroids)

With some antibiotics and supplements, but these were the ones which needed close monitoring and management.

Once I was put on these meds I went into autopilot mode…

Lost a few filters and screws

I would swing between extremes… one day I wouldn’t stop walking next day I wouldn’t want to move.

Someday I would laugh like crazy and someday I would cry for no reason.

I became immune to cramps, palpitations and breathing issued but you learn to manage it over the time.

And guess what…it magically transforms you into a jumpy insomniac puffer fish in her self defense mode and it’s not cute!


Everytime things would go beyond my tolerance my doctors would start tapering one of these candies.

This reminds me I haven’t mailed my doctor which I was supposed to do 2 months back…hmm

And this brings us to another fish….the goldfish… you become forgetful!

Autoimmune is a weird battle between you and your own immune and when medicines jump in it triggers world war!

Well. That’s the only way you can live.

I know the word taper like back of my hand now. This is first word I didn’t google at all.


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