The Blind Walk

I sat upright in my bed and turned to the edge on my right.

My toes searched for the marbled floor and my feet made a successful landing.

I got up and started walking in the maze in dark moonless night.

My feet knew the exact direction and I was familiar with every nook and cranny of this place.

There is nothing to be scared of… nothing!

I walked at my usual pace and turned on every end correctly like I was strolling streets of my city in broad day light.

As I got closer my pace quickened until I reach the destination.

I took a deep breath, wrapped my hand around cold handle and pulled towards me.

The moment the majestic door flung open, soft pale light met my gaze and chilling mist drew me closer in its arms.

My eyes grazed the heaven of Snacks with undeniable greed that were longing for me the same way I was longing for them.

A gentle smile touched my lips.

I picked a blueberry lemon tartlet and savored it on my way back to room.

A blind walk between my fridge and my bed is my 3 am ritual.

This incredible night vision is a gift of being nocturnal combined with my unruly late night hunger pangs.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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