Terrified Fidgety Beast

And here comes my favorite word!

Where were you all these months??? *shooting kisses all over*

Being savage was my thing!

I somehow learned to conceal it with age as it wasn’t socially acceptable in our society.

I was a weird unkempt un-groomed socially awkward girl with zero tolerance for bullshit whatsoever.

I could kill for my loved ones but for the rest of the worlds either I was shy or I was Savage as f***!

I never knew normal!

It’s weird I don’t even know when I had to shed my skin and cover myself with a shell that never belonged to me.

I still feel I am the same person deep inside but I am way too scared now…way too scared of the judgment that affects my family more than me.

If it was only about me I wouldn’t care one damn bit!

It’s depressing when you have to lock the beast that is growing in size but turning into a terrified fidgety chicken at heart.

Revisiting old days lands me into crazy fits of laughter.

I laugh until sadness creeps in…

The roaring laughter weakens and dies…

And tears start flooding…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

Image source: http://chelseam2.deviantart.com/art/Chained-412426969

16 thoughts on “Terrified Fidgety Beast

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  1. Yeah, nobody ever lives they are told to live,

    Alive.. But only in movements..

    While the inner enthusiasm die..

    Society.. Or Happiness..Proprietary… (especially for women, definitely for women)

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    1. Definitely for women! The bitter truth.

      But guess what i realised recently. Men don’t have it easy either. They have to fulfil different set of expectations though.

      Living your life the way you want is one phenomena thats generally frowned upon.

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      1. Well, let’s agree to disagree.. Patriarchy has its curses..
        Told in silent verses..
        Women deaf-mute
        Hiding as facets of ‘truth’

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      2. Lyrical!

        Let’s just hope the seedlings of today don’t grow up to face the winds of injustice of any form whatsoever.

        Lets hope they bloom the way they want. They get enough space to fulfill thier desires regardless of thier gender, race, social status or any other boundary laid by the society.

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      3. Don’t forget religion, (Trump Muslim ban, ISIL killing of alleged infidels..) They brand you as a community and not as an individual… Sigh! Too much violence…

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  2. Your post is very stimulating
    Being silenced is deathly.. find the place you hear yourself and let the voice out as the voice it’s self has its own life… let it free and then you are freed from it… your vitality and energy needs to thrive

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      1. Dreams at first seem impossible,
        then seem improbable,
        and finally,
        when we commit ourselves,
        become inevitable.

        -Mahatma Gandhi

        This just came to me from a friend this very moment !

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