Crossing the line between love and hate.

Rain has magical power to please everybody, until unless you are on your way back from a wedding…all dolled-up!

Last night I went to an overcrowded wedding with my dad and brother.

Me: I regret wearing my best shoes.

Dad: People can’t see each other’s face you are worried about your shoes?

My whole family is exceptionally talented when it comes to being sarcastic, witty and hilarious. We kept ourselves entertained so that we don’t die of boredom and suffocation.

Me: You know why they don’t have sea food in the buffet??

Bro: Why?? (Annoyed as hell)

Me: A fish would have gotten up and run like crazy and made its way into a 7-up bottle!

He let out a tired fake laugh which made me feel better as he was the one driving us back home. He had to be in his senses!

We finally survived those 45 minutes, said goodbyes and got in our car to come back home.

On our way it started raining like there is no tomorrow.

When we reached home we sat in the car wondering should we get out or stay in the car and wait for the rain to stop as it was next to impossible to get inside without getting soaking wet.

Well. I got out and rang the door bell and waited. I was holding my purse on my head as if it could help me avoid being drenched.

Who was I fooling?? It was a clutch! It couldn’t even save my few strands of hair!

I heard my sister’s voice on the intercom.

Sis: Who is this?

Me: It’s me open up its raining! (Shouting at the top of my lungs)

I heard the door getting unlocked and pulled the heavy gate open.

I got in, dashed across the car porch where we never park our car, don’t know why and made it to the steps that were in the shade. I turned back to look at my bro and dad. I completely had forgotten about them.

Then my gaze shifted to the white marbled floor of the car porch and mean rain drops Capering on it in delight. I eyed them with abhorrence … I was in love with you few days back, just to let you know!

And all 3 of us got inside complaining…

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10 thoughts on “Crossing the line between love and hate.

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  1. “I was holding my purse on my head as if it could help me avoid being drenched.” Hahaha. I mean maybe a little? Always have those moments of trying to time if the rain will slow down enough to dash out of the car. Great story!

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  2. Coincidentally the rain is pouring down as I read this. And I am currently in love with it because a) my garden is getting a really good drink and b) there’s no point in doing anything but stay inside and read.

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