Secret of Strong Bones!

When your parents are eldest siblings of their families you end up becoming babysitter of like 15 to 20 little hooligans.

Whenever they gather chaos is normal…and silence mean calamity.

As I was one of the older cousins our duty was to watch them and guard them from themselves!

One fine day I saw the whole herd coming back from playground and running in the same direction. My couch was situated in the center of the home. Their entry reminded me of war movies when warriors force their way into enemies’ territory raising their swords high, screaming.

But there was one problem…their mouths were shut! This was a rare sight!

And they all were running towards the bathroom holding back their chuckles with their mouths zipped shut. I could smell trouble already.

I shouted to the slowest one, “hey! What did you guys do??”

He turned to look at me and froze. His eyes darting around thinking of an excuse.

Cousin: umm…

It was obvious he had something in his mouth.

I eyed him with suspicion and called his mom, my aunt. I was way too scared to even check…what if it was a roach or something…yeah that has happened too!

Well his mom came running and without warning stretched his mouth open with both her hands.

And out came tiny Grits of sand

My aunt dragged him to the bathroom to rinse his mouth and discovered rest of the herd devouring their share.

A few seconds passed and I could hear screams of all the moms from the bathroom… I didn’t need to get up and see what’s happening as I could imagine it vividly!

The neighbor’s home was under-construction. These monkeys picked grit from there. I wasn’t that shocked to be honest I had caught them eating chalk once.

After some time one of them somehow managed to break free from the captivity of moms and was running towards the main gate giggling.

For a split second she looked at me and said, “It was crunchy!”. Giggled, turned, and dashed outside again!

Needless to say they have pretty strong bones!

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  1. This reminds me of once when I was a very little kid. I went to a wedding and they handed me some raw rice. I was supposed to throw it at the bride and groom, but I didn’t know that. Instead, I put it in my mouth, but realized it wasn’t edible in its uncooked state. I remember my mom telling me to not swallow, but keep it there until we found our way to a bathroom so I could spit it out.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this! I was one of the eldest cousins and I remember my younger cousins playing in the hay mound. Of course I was supposed to watch them and I figured what harm could they do playing in hay! Well turned out there was poison ivy mixed in a broken bale. Boy did I get in trouble! Thanks for the laugh from that memory!

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      1. So getting stuck at the door and never getting in.. Hmm.. No wonder the little guys pulled your leg often.. When you were little.. But now the new generation and Sigh! a new bouncer

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