A:  I want a Lollipop

B:  You can’t have one.

A:  Why???

B:  Because I say so!

A:  C’mon! stop being so cranky!

B:  I am cranky???

A:  Kept insisting as they passed the candy cart in the mall

B:  You are a grownup behave like one!

A:  I don’t care, stop making excuses!

B:  Stop being a baby!

A:  Why can’t I have it??

B:  You know why can’t you! Mom dad is going to kill me.

B:  I won’t tell them I promise. I will eat it and throw the wrapper before we even get home.

A:  You will get me grounded. AGAIN!!

90-years old Grandma took her lollipop, studied its wrapper through her thick glasses to make sure it’s her favorite flavor. Unwrapped it and licked it with satisfaction. Then hid it under her shawl as they walked back home.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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