Gate to Opportunities

You know what opens the Gate to endless opportunities???

A free mind…

And unprejudiced thinking…


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15 thoughts on “Gate to Opportunities

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  1. In this century let’s see,
    Family name.
    Prejudice thinking(Fundamentalists are welcome)
    And proper ‘connections’..
    In case of unavailability please note that the gate will become a rathole..

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    1. Let me explain.
      Whatever you mentioned may be true if you restrict yourself to limited options.

      Once you start exploring your own potential you will be surprised by what are you capable of.

      You just need to think outside the box at time.. step out of your comfort zone a little.. be a little impulsive.
      I hope i am making sense

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      1. You don’t need to explain, but let me put some facts.. OK.. The opportunities all around the world are controlled by less than 1%of 1%of the entire human population.. Food for thought..

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      2. Its not about jobs only.

        I was IT auditor in one of the big 4 firms without reference i am not lying.

        Posted about that too.

        And i am not talking about jobs only.
        In past 7 8 months i started this blog, got a guitar and started self learning( before this i never held a guitar),
        i started taking writing seriously (something i left after school)
        Did a few illustrations, sketches and all (left that too after school)
        Started photography.. i never did that too before.

        And i feel i am building something. I know all of these are baby steps towards something totally worth it.

        All of these were impulsive decisions. But trust me its so satisfying.

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  2. I understand the type of opportunities you mean, stoneoronarollercoaster. I also understand the ones Sight11
    means. I’ve personally stopped caring about those, other than what I can do with my vote in the future. When I’m well enough I’ll seek out a job, but I don’t see the job defining my life. For those who want it to, I hope my vote helps. I also hope they really know what vote helps, too. I think some people don’t really know.

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    1. You always manage to enlighten me more. I just love you for that i mean it.

      I cant work because of my health. I cant even sit straight for hours. It was so frustrating everyday just widened the career gap. But then i accepted my condition and started looking for other options. I know its easier to say when you dont have to pay the bills.

      But guess what. i just read a list of hobbies that have positive impact on your resume and i already have 4 5 of them. Its satisfying both ways.

      I know and i understand power of vote. In my family we have freedom to choose when it comes to politics especially.

      Being able to cast a vote with a believe that you are making a difference itself is an opportunity.

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      1. Having hobbies is so extremely important. I’m glad you are enjoying yours. My hobbies may certainly help me in the future, too. Too often people struggle so hard to get ahead doing stuff they hate (or grow to hate). I did that for a long time, too, and it made me sick.

        A difference can be made in places that allow fair voting. The thing is, we have to vote (not sit back and not vote), and we have to really understand who the candidates are out the help. Sometimes they can fool you. Looking strong and hard at the nature of the person is a good indication if they really are for you or for the top 1% that was mentioned earlier.

        What you said about me is so sweet and generous. I’m not always enlightening, but I try.

        I’ve appreciated your posts from the first I saw them. You are wise, have a very open mind, and seem caring. I like how you write about a variety of things, and do so very well.

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      2. The moment we get our degree all we want is it to utilise it asap. Happened to me too. But i could hardly work a few months. And after that the gap just kept on stretching. I got so frustrated i would think ‘a lot of time money and energy was drained to get this piece of paper and i cant use it’.
        But i have been u well for so long that i automatically accepted that things are not going to get better soon. So i had to resort to exploring and polishing skills.
        Now i am loving it.

        I will go back to utilise my qualification once i better but right now i am enjoying this phase.

        Thats what my dad taught me always.. need to make a difference go and vote. And we all have been voting since the days we became eligible.

        Thanks for such kind words. I just vent i feel. Just helping myself get through life 🙂.
        Its amazing to find nice people like you on the way.

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