Not an Ordinary Nest

I was walking in my car porch listening to a song a million times waiting for an ear infection, when this Unusual eagle’s Nest caught my eye.

Actually the white hanger on the nest caught my attention.

What is it doing there???

What do eagles do with it???

I took a picture from my phone (the reason it’s not a high quality picture)

Then showed it to everybody else and everyone had their own explanation.

Dad: What do you mean why do they need a hanger??? Why do you need hangers?? They need to hang their feather coats!

Mom: Yeah. I saw it days back. How come you didn’t notice?? Wait…did they take it from our back yard??? (Zooming the picture and trying to identify the hanger)

Bro: I am proud of eagles of my country! They are intelligent, creative and domesticated!

We are so self-absorbed, we often underestimate artistry of other creatures.

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7 thoughts on “Not an Ordinary Nest

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    1. Yeah. i told my friend about it who visited me few days before this pic was taken.

      And she said “i know. I saw it when we were taking in the car porch. How come you didnt see the hanger you showed me the nest”

      I was a little creeped out to be honest.

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