Beauty in Oddity


If you belong to that unfortunate rare breed who dare to have a different mindset you have issues…you need help!

You are threat to the peace of your family!

You are a rebel!

You are a psycho!

If I look at tangible meaning of “traditional”.. I adore anything that reflects heritage and craftsmanship of any nation or era.

But when I see people disguising their absurdity in the veils of traditions, it leaves me disappointed, distressed and disgusted to the core.

People’s definition of traditional is any idea that they heard whirling in the air when they were born, that they never questioned, let alone bother to challenge.

And I am tired of this attitude.

If you were supposed to have a thousand years old thought process, you would have been born in that era.

This is so taxing. Whenever I bring forward my opinion on any subject and regrettably if its relatively different approach, no matter how controlled my tone is, I end up getting into a pointless never-ending argument.

They know that I am not wrong. But they are just not attuned to it or this is not what majority believes. In their defense they just say “we can’t go against the traditions”

If we look around we can clearly see a pattern. Everybody who made a difference, who achieved something big, dared to challenge the norms. They had an unconventional approach.

Still when someone among us brings a novel idea on the table, we laugh at them. We ridicule their opinion.

Only if we push our ego aside for a change and just listen to each other, learn to accept and appreciate beauty in the oddity, we can break the walls that don’t let our minds grow individually and collectively.

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19 thoughts on “Beauty in Oddity

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  1. Scary, right. What’s worse is the justification? You want to bang your head on the wall, but you are already doing that in front of an invisible wall..

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      1. Nah, everyone learns it. Those who don’t start repeating the same words.. And a whole new batch is created.. So it’s not disturbing it’s your strength of mind..

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  2. Great piece. It’s quite sad that you have to challenge the norms loudly in order to make a difference. Not to mention the fact that a devastating thing has to happen to the majority before the minority even gets noticed. But if that’s what it takes for people to open their eyes, then I for one, accept it.

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