It takes nerve to dive into the depths of your own individuality

And try to look for what we are capable of

You might find some rocks that you can polish into precious gems

And embed them in your crown

But guess what?

You don’t even bother until you are safe in the Shallow

Or you are tired of being safe..

Or you are struck by tragedy the rips off your contentment

Leaving you perplexed and restive

And you have nothing left to lose..

Its then!

You gather your wrecked self

And plunge into the abyss

And search for something

That can either heal your crushed soul

Or give you wings to dump the shards and fly…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Dive!!

Add yours

  1. What an excellent post, and so true! It reminds me that I have to continue to dive a little deeper. It’s hard when your a person like me (with bipolar disorder) who in some ways just wants the status quo, but it’s still important.

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      1. Thank you. I guess in my secret hiding place (my nook) I do let my ideas flow free, but in other aspects of my life I stay put (yes, still hidden) and make too little progress. I need to get out more into the world. The physical world.

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