1st Charcoal Drawing

Me: what is this??
Mom: umm…a parrot??
Me: thank GOD!!

So this is my first attempt at working with charcoal. It’s one of my favourite mediums but i could never muster courage to try working with it as i always feared i will end up dipping my whole room in gray scale (which actually happened).

The Texture of charcoal itself is a little difficult to handle.

I ruined a pencil in process of preparing the weapon until i figured (thanks to google) you cannot sharpen them with traditional sharpener.

You actually scrape it with a blade/cutter and then smooth it with sand paper ( i tried using a nail filer, but threw it away in 2 seconds because i actually am that lazy).

Well. This is how the spear looked like in the end!

And then went on to draw my 1st charcoal drawing.

Mom’s answer provided some Satisfaction.. at least it’s recognizable.

I hope the parrot agrees..

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34 thoughts on “1st Charcoal Drawing

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      1. Still the same
        Replace the picture of the sharpened charcoal pencil with the parrot picture inside the post

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  1. Now it shows
    That’s a really nice drawing, it’s neat and you captured the dimensions and the proportions well. Your next step would be to enhance the harder details like the wing and the “mouth”.

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  2. Its nice… i miss my charcoal days… im getting back to art after 20yrs.. may just try something out with charcoal… thanks for the inspiration… and remember practice makes perfect… looking forward to the next one!

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  3. No art is stupid, love. Art is art! And what is inspiring is the time and effort you put into your work. Just look st those feathers shading from dark to light… amazing! You are welcome to check out a few of my stuff on my blog (warning it looks like childs work 😉 )

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  4. I think they’re good. I wish I could draw. I love roller coasters while my wife likes rides that spin. Perhaps if she saw your roller coaster she may feel a little ill as if she’s riding it. The parrot looks a lot like one we had a Native American friend paint on our mural fence. Thank you.

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  5. Nice! It’s always good when someone sees what you intended to draw! And….I use a little piece of sandpaper glued onto a scrap block of wood to sharpen and adjust the point. But this was innovative, too. Keep going!

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