Rocket or Boat??

Me:   Look what I made.

Dad:   Yeah.. a rocket..

Me:    What???

Dad:   That’s a rocket, isn’t it?

Me:    Wrong! From where doesn’t it look like a rocket?

Dad:   It’s not a Rocket???

Me:    No. it’s a boat!

Dad:   What?? Ahaha

Me:    You are doing it intensionaly

Dad:   NO!!! ahah.. I thought it was a rocket

Me:    Whyyyy?? Howww???

Dad:   I thought those are clouds..

Me:    Those ARE clouds!

Dad:   And the smoke..

Me:    THAT is NOT smoke!! That is shadow of the boat!

Dad:   Ahahahah

Me:    It’s not funny.

Dad:   See, theirs is this rocket and the its up in the clouds and smoke from it…

Me:    And you can’t see water??

Dad:   Where’s water???

Me:   You are doing this to embarrass me..

Dad:   No. ahaha. I am not that artistic..

Me:   You don’t have to be an artist to tell the different between a boat and a rocket!

Dad:   ahahahaahha….

So my second attempt at sketching turned out to be even worse. In the first one at least the parrot looked like a parrot. I am sad mad…

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      1. I didn’t mean anything negative by it. I saw a boat and reflection first. But, everyone’s eyes and perceptions are different. I think it should be seen as a good thing that someone may see something different. It’s good. 😃


      2. yeah!
        o God!
        thanks for mentioning.
        there was a painting..all blue…nothing just blue plain paint and it was worth the millions!!!
        can you believe that???
        people throw paint and get a away with it…not to forget charging millions for throwing paint.

        once we tried to painted a wall of our school blue. we wanted to do graffiti on it so we painted blue. all we earned were spiteful lectured from school admin and random blue splashed of paint on our uniforms.

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      1. Arey yaar u know u r not one and it isn’t a stupid boat sab,have u heard of rubin vase? that’s what i was reminded of when i looked at it..the perceptions of the drawing varies from person to person,some see it as a case,some as a face etc..toh tumhara boat also plays with the perceiver’s interpretation

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      2. awww.. i had no idea this will be viewed like this. actually mom told me to draw something she wanted to keep it. i dont have my art supplies here so i just had pencil 2 shades. so i went for something easy.
        she actually loved it 🙂

        thank you all for being around. apna apna sa lagta hai yahan with friends like you here 🙂

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