Scary Monster!

There was this story my Grandpa used to tell me everytime I would get scared.

I would call my grandpa and cry my eyes out. I preferred not going to him as it would make situation worse for both of us.

And he used to comfort me and tell this story that he had heard somewhere:

Once there was a kid who suddenly saw a monster appear in front of him out of the blue.

Monster was 100 times the size of the poor little kid and he was Glaring hard at him with his fiery eyes and roaring ferociously.

The kid got scare, sat down and hid his face with his hands and started crying.

He could no more see the monster but he could his chilling voice.

He kept on sobbing and sulking until he couldn’t hear the monster.

Then he realized one thing… the monster hasn’t moved closer a single step…he just appeared and terrorized… he did not come closer..

The boy lifted this head and looked at him in the eye. The monster’s muscles relaxed.

Then he mustered courage and got up… and the vicious glare vanished into thin air and he turned pale.

The boy walked a step towards the monster… and magically… the monster got scared and started shrinking until it couldn’t be seen anymore.

It’s a simple a story. I read it somewhere else too. I can never tell it the way my Grandpa did… with sound effects and tones of drama.

By the end of the story I would always have a smile on my face.

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      1. Well My granddad never did poems. He was raised in an English environment became the principal as well as professor, but like yours never flaunted it. He wanted me to be creative.. So he always told me in a way that I could contribute to the story.. I miss him..

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      2. Wonder what Granny was doing? Oh yeah she was in the kitchen all the time. Man we must be Anacondas and Godzilla’s to eat so much…


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