Ok I think I am gonna shed a tear or 2 here today..

I won’t go again into details about the birth and purpose of this blog.

Here it is in case you are interested.. https://stoneronarollercoaster.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/thank-you-guys/


I won’t even get into details of what this has given me… I can never ever put this in words…

I am just going to tell you guys one thing.

In a day… at least 2 3 times I get to know something that can disturb my peace… then the phone beeps…and I see there is a wordpress notification of a like/comment/follow … and all my troubles melt away at least for some time. Even if it’s a brief moment, it’s priceless.

Because in that moment I feel appreciated for something I love doing.

It’s a ray of hope that creeps into a dark cave illuminating everything like a dream.

I feel I am building something. A home..everyday..brick by brick.

A heartfelt thanks to you all for sticking around and making me feel at home and letting me know there are good people out there who actually care.

And some of you guys who I get to talk to everyday… you guys are so precious to me I look forward to your comments every day.

Thanks everyone again to make my blogging experience so calming and gratifying.

I treasure you all.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved




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