Mental Solitary Confinement.

There are times when we suddenly get a news and it triggers all kinds of negative emotions in us… anger, sadness, fear, despair and what not..

And in some cases anxiety..panic attack..and other mental conditions.

If you are temperamental, your own vulnerability chases you like your shadow.

So any news can activate a volcano in us.

I have been an extremely temperamental person.. a mercurial person!

But a point came when I had to tame it…I had no option.

I stated doing one thing. Whenever I get new information that can be injurious to my own sanity I shut myself into my mental Solitary confinement.

I hold back reaction… give myself a break… and literally imagine myself in a solitary confinement where there’s nobody else and there’s nothing else I should think about.

Then I start thinking about the information and its consequences.

Often times our fears and doubts don’t materialize. I weigh the whole scenario and what is the probability of that actually happening.

Next I think if it happens… how bad it can get… the worst case scenario and how that can affect anybody.

Next…what does anybody have to lose???

At this point I am already pretty unruffled and clear headed.

Honestly 60-70% of the times answer to this is…NOTHING SIGNIFICANT!!

There…I get up open the door and move on with life wearing a broad confident smile.

I don’t claim I have total control over my feelings and reactions…but this has been helping a lot.

And I don’t say I stand strong as a rock during the whole process… when you are alone contemplating in your cell you do break down at times… it’s ok!!! It’s ok!!

Mostly the gun isn’t even pointed at’s not even loaded… and you already put yourself through the pain of a bullet tearing through your heart …only in our head..
Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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