Lost Timon

It’s one of those days when all of your senses refuse to Synchronize.

Unexpected success of yesterday’s sketch took a toll on my innocent brain…I overwhelmed myself ..wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as good as it turned out. Thank you everybody for appreciating.

let me shamelessly add a link… Water droplets


Remember the time when we studied rowdy molecules of a matter in gas form in science class??? They would randomly dash here and there like headless chickens…that’s what my brains cell are doing right now…yep..i am not kidding..

And I am just like this lost Timon (it’s actually a meerkat but I keep forget it’s actual name, so I decided I should stick to timon) … so I am this lost timon waiting for my brain cells to behave themselves and calm down…


Meanwhile I started writing 3 posts to accommodate today’s prompt…but failed..

Then I was looking for quotes, I found a few nice ones and just when I was deciding which one to share I saw this in google images…


I instantly knew what I should share…

Isn’t it one of those pictures that brighten your day???

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