The Eye – Charcoal & Graphite Drawing

I haven’t been participating in photography challenge lately as I was trying my hands on drawing.. it’s a self-learning process.

This is 10 days old post I am adding this part as I felt like adding this to the challenge.

Well the thing is…the moment you try to draw something you try to absorb as much information about the subject as possible. It’s Structure, values (tints and shades), crevices and contours…

Drawing this eye was emotionally an over-whelming process… I was blown away by the structure of an iris…it’s unbelievably detailed when you look closely.

Original post:

So I attempted to sketch an eye..obviously with the help of youtube..the link to that is in comment section below.

Guys, I will be needing your honest opinion on this because this is my learning process and any criticism/ suggestion will help me improve. it is..


Here are links to rest of the drawings i attempted so far:

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79 thoughts on “The Eye – Charcoal & Graphite Drawing

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      1. Glad I could help. For future references, you need not hesitate if you need any help with the drawings, atleast I draw better than I write and I’m always happy when I get to talk about my drawing process. 🙂

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  1. I am very impressed. This is nice work whether you are just beginning or not. My only advice to you would be two things: 1. Just keep drawing. All those old silly sayings are true about “practice makes perfect”. 2. It’s great to ask for feedback, but do NOT let feedback get you down. If you love art then simply do art for art’s sake (and yours). Life is way too short to let criticism stop you. God has blessed you with a talent, be happy and perfect it.

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