You guys are awesome!!

actually awesomest people on the planet!!!

i am thoroughly enjoying today’s entries for daily prompt…and i am wondering how do you guys even manage to be such amazing writers/poets!!!

the whole grid looks like some poetry book today

i am loving it!

before blogging i never even heard of words haiku and tanka.

i saw Rhyme and my mind buried itself deep in its sleeping bag and dozed off..

and here i am reading your contributions and i am in awe..

keep up the good work guys!!!

17 thoughts on “You guys are awesome!!

Add yours

      1. Ahahaha. Thank you so much for saying that.
        The line ‘i am just a fucked up girl looking for my own peace of mind’ from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind explains my situation.
        I dont know what i am doing in the process.
        This place feels like home.


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