Sad mad and hungry!

I am in love guys.

I am in love with charcoal …and charcoal drawings..and charcoal materials..and theory…and everything charcoaly.

I tried playing with different mediums .. graphite is like first love and it is still there…but charcoal is entirely different universe.

The results it produces are spellbinding..

As I have just started taking drawing a little serious I had to visit a proper store to get supplies…before this I didn’t even know what materials are required for charcoal art.

…and holy moly!!!! The place was artist’s paradise!!!

Such huge varieties!

So I got some stuff…which I read about on the internet.

This self learning process does get wild at times.. one day you directly attempt drawing a 3D portrait and the next day you start reading what do they mean by the word “value”.

It’s a zig-zag road and you are riding a kid’s scootie!

Well. I got the supplies and came back home jumping and dancing (not literally…mercy on the flooring).

And dived into the pool of a million random bed that is..remember I told you guys you could hide an elephant in my room???


When I was assembling things in holders and unwrapping and checking the materials I realized…I have plenty of pencils in a tin of wafers so why don’t I make it a little better??? For that I planned on winding jute rope on it as a base so I pulled out a ball of jute rope and hot glue gun and started working on it.



I turned and started sketching this value chart I read about yesterday only…

Playing with a kneaded eraser …. Which is just like a chewing gum…made me wonder why did I even buy this I could buy chewing gum and hit two birds with one stone..

And then I was using blending stumps for the first time .. I used cotton bud the last time…result was similar only the stumps are pointed ..

I just got lost in the process….


I sat back a little to straighten my spine…which literally looked like a semi circle..


Something seriously hot touch my finger.. next I knew there was a dot of hot glue on the back of my finger with stings of dry glue flying from it…I was petrified…

I pulled out the dot, it wasn’t completely dry…but it took away a layer of skin..

I could see a layer of something pink I don’t know if it’s some inner layer of skin or flesh.. my first reaction??? A hysterical call to sister who is studying/practicing medicine…well..the details of the treatment are lengthy boring and irrelevant.


Lessons learned!

Do not!!! Repeat after me…




I am sad mad and hungry…so I will go have something… eating solves half the problems for me.

18 thoughts on “Sad mad and hungry!

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  1. Ok, I’ll take the arts and crafts and you just keep on drawing cuz you’re good. The eye shows up at the end of your blog and looks really good. I’m still impressed!

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      1. like at the bottom of the page it shows your other posts also on stonerollercoaster. You can see the drawing of the eye in the small window if that makes sense.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well gulp down some real food, instead of food that’s literally called Junk. And keep these drawings coming. (P.S. I am commenting using my browser)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Technically not back, lingering like a ghost. If I enter my email I am still seeing my account without the site. It’s weird. But will do. As long as I do it for just 1 hrs. for the next two weeks. After then I will open a site. Not on this account though.

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      2. I will, is your finger all right? You do know that you told me that ‘We’ have to take care of ourselves. So take care.. And I am just here for today as I am alone. Nobody to keep am eye on me. I will be back completely after two weeks, if health permits.

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      3. Its not hurting. It was in chilled water for good 10 to 15 minutes before anything else i think that did the trick. And family was constantly calling to check.. sis freaked out mom got to know..crazy situation.

        Well. I m ok. Wrote such a long post just after the burn felt better instantly 🙂

        I dont know anything. You are getting better and you are comming back asap!

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      4. Can’t make a promise I can’t keep. Dad will be here any minute now. And I will be a ghost again. Hmm.. It’s a good thing your sis knows medicine. I only came back to comment because I read the post and wanted to check on you. Don’t scare me.

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      5. Ok. Take care. And thanks to you I found out I can still comment. I visited my pals website and left them with comments too.. Told them about my problem.See you do help me. Haha..

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  3. Oh gosh what a process! I’m glad you got started with charcoal, that’s fascinating. ❤ Your learning about the hot is a good one, huh. Hope you are feeling better, and that you had a good nourishing meal. Keep it up with the creativity – it's inspiring to me! Blessings, Debbie

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