Dad: Who is the most important person in your life..

Bro: You guys… my parents..

Dad: I mean after you settle down…grow up and all…

Bro: You guys..

Dad: No…your wife…

Bro: After you guys…

Dad: No…before anybody else, including us…

Bro: You are raising me. You sacrificed your life for us.

Dad: Still your wife. Look! Look at your mom and me. When we had tough times I didn’t tell my parents, I told her. She helped me and supported me though all the troubles of my life. If I want myself to be most important person in her life this will be unfair not to reciprocate the undivided love and attention she has given to me and my kids..

We have lived a good part of our lives… we have seen our highs and we have seen our lows.. we are already old. We don’t expect you to stop for us. We don’t want you to bring a human in your life and don’t treat her the way she expects and deserve to be treated. We hardly will be able to accompany you few more years, those few years will be building years of your marriage. I don’t want you to develop this thinking.

My 18-year old brother told me the whole conversation and I was moved. In my side of world this concept is still rare. I am proud of my dad for raising my brother this way. I am proud of his vision.

This is what we need to do. The torch has been passed to us already. Educate our kids. Educate our sons and brothers. Teach them equality. Teach them to respect and value relationships and fellow human beings. Mould them to think beyond the boundaries stretched by illiteracy and social norms.

This begins from home.

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    1. I am proud of him for thinking that way and teaching his son who is just 18 right now. His explanation is that what if he is not around at the time he gets married? Somebody has to tell him whats right.

      Thanks alot of the comment 🙂


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