The Horse – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing


Done with another attempt to turn my entire room black and gray…and my clothes and face too…

Well. I love horses so i was looking for guidance when i came across a detailed tutorial on youtube. With the help of that and a few pictures from internet for detailing and shading (i wanted to make it a little prettier).i drew this..

Here is the link to tutorial i got help from..

Please drop feedback/critisism/suggestions on the comments i highly appriciate them.

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52 thoughts on “The Horse – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

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      1. I will have to figure that out – if you can’t, that means a lot of others an’t as well. I wonder why? I got your email and responded. Please feel free to send my email or email address on – and thanks for reaching out!

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      2. I did read your mail and just replied. Thank you so much for taking time and offer sensible advice. This really means a lot to us.

        I will talk to rest of the group and we will do something.
        I am so grateful. Thanks again πŸ™‚


      1. Alright, I haven’t seen the tutorial but let me explain, the face of the horse is facing the viewer straight and then the rest of the body is parallel to the page. It’s like the horse is looking at you with a complete 90 degree twist. It’s anatomically not possible. Now it you were drawing a cartoon, that would have been ok but in a figure drawing, it’s awkward.
        You asked for critique πŸ™‚

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      2. For starters, decrease the width between the tail and the face, secondly, smooth the curve a bit and decrease the pitch of the back, if this got a bit complicated, you can always start with a fresh one with a proper real photograph rather than a parade sketch. and if you’re studying anatomy, it’s always better to work with real photograph rather than sketches.

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