There are times when you are tested by something precious taken away from you when you can’t do anything about it.

Losses! These losses leave you scarred…wounded.

I have plenty of quotes and examples to support what I am going to say today.

But I am going to tell whatever I learned along the way.

Your pain Elevates your soul to another pinnacle of strength and passion.

It broadens your vision. You start seeing the invisible

You start hearing hidden meanings laced with sugary lies.

You can sniff out a person’s intension behind sycophancy and fake smiles.

Your pain sharpens you, polishes your instincts.

It enables you to feel the burst of happiness like you could never do before.

It changes the definition of comfort pleasure and satisfaction.

Deepens your thoughts and detoxifies them.

And guess what…when your health is taken away you reach a state when initially you think your life is over. You can’t accomplish anything.

But as the reality settles in you start to see what is there…what is there in life…inside your own soul.

You contemplate things you had been ignoring.

Your words get a new intensity.

All of this may sound cliché but I am telling you with experience.

When your body is tired your mind starts venturing into new lands.

You start exploring what have been hiding under the dust and debris of busy schedules.

When I meet people they kinda start pitying me.

I just smile as they don’t know in the confinement of my home..away from meaningless chaos, I am feeding my soul with the most delectable feast.

In my heart the little flicker of light is gaining strength everytime I make an effort and tell myself “it’s not over yet!”

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47 thoughts on “Elevate.

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  1. When I went through a life changing injury I was pretty mad. Scratch pretty. I was pissed off. Someone wiser then me said: There is still you. hmm. That made me mad for a minute, but there is great wisdom in “us”. Always inspired…Donna

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      1. That’s life for you. Everything leaves us still we cant help developing sense of belonging. Its natural..human.
        And ‘time’ tops the list. Its slipping sand we can’t stop it. And its got chameleon nature you can never guess its next color. And once the time you enjoyed is gone….it never returns.

        I have no idea what i am talking about it was supposed to be about the song..did u like it??


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