Don’t turn into a Rock!

So this is what everything has boiled to down to??

Overcome your fears

Overcome your insecurities!

Overcome your possessiveness, obsessive nature. Anger.

Overcome your sudden urge to burst into laughter

Overcome your need to cry a river

Hold back!!!

Overcome every passion!

Overcome your urge to break your wings and fly away..

Because you’re are a mature, educated, civilized person probably studied at some reputed institute.

Or probably you are working for some corporate giant.

Or may be you belong to some culture where breathing free is frowned upon.

Or maybe you wear some uniform??? A mask you don on your body to signify importance of your work…but what do you end up doing ??? You end up holding back your instinctive personality!

What happened to fluidity of human nature???

Just to comply with the check list shoved in our face everyday??? to prove we deserve to be taken seriously??

I laugh…I laugh like a loony… when I laugh I feel I will die laughing literally…and half way there I get the look that says “you-better-get-your-shit-together”

Crying is for the weak…they don’t even know the weakest don’t even dare to cry in front of them.

How many times you have been told you are a psycho just because you were a little more human than them.

The system couldn’t make you robotic enough!

You feel and you are expressive. That’s your biggest problem.

Either you show your deepest emotions revealing your most vulnerable side or you just shut yourself! There are no grey areas.

Either I am an introvert or a blabbermouth.

But how can that be a problem??? A fetal disease that needs to be taken care of at the earliest?

It’s nature right??

Why do we have to overcome everything that comes naturally to us???

Can’t they just let us be???

We will fall..we will get hurt..

But we will get up dust ourselves and learn!

Some day we will reach our destiny and it will be worth every scar every pain we will endure

We don’t have to turn into a rock for that.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

5 thoughts on “Don’t turn into a Rock!

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  1. Nice piece! In my experience reading this, I saw a clear and strong argument being made. I also think you highlighted a feeling that we all have sometimes — like our true thoughts and feelings are being controlled by the people around us. There are some grammar/punctuation/spelling errors, which can be easily buffered out. One more thing I wanted to point out: “Crying is for the weak…they don’t even know the weakest don’t even dare to cry in front of them…” That is a POWERFUL statement, in its truth and in the articulate way you wrote it. This is my favorite line from this piece. If you don’t mind,, can I quote this from you on my blog?

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