I live on the opposite ends of the resister

Either there’s haunting silence in my frozen eyes

Or I let the chaos run free and wild

I was running along the blade desperately searching for the pivot

Until my whole universe flipped

And I found it

I found madness…the elixir

The magic potion that started quenching my thirst drop by drop

Dampening every crack of my deserted soul

Blurring the crevices carved by fear

Now I live on the ends

I sit on my throne … notorious..

I breathe smoke

I gulp fire

And I baptize me soul under the frozen layers of ocean

I can crush a boulder into dust

I can manipulate intervals of time

Remember? I gulp fire?

Don’t be fooled by my smile

Its smile of a manipulator…the devil

Who is feeding on the most Flavorful elixir

The elixir..

It dunks you into a blazing inferno where you burn

Until your ashes rise… swirling and dancing in trance

Into the contours of the careless hypnotized winds

Dancing to the rhythm of enigmatic tranquility

Those miraculous drops

Dissolving your glimmering ashes into the ocean..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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