Grains of Sand.

What’s your first impression?? What do they think when they see you the very first time?? Did you ever ask your friends or the person you are in relationship with??

Uniqueness is attractive. People who look intimidating carry a strange pull. They show they don’t want you close still you end up gravitating towards them.

What do you find attractive?? Courage?? Smartness? Beauty?? Or weirdness ? stupidity?? Sense of humor? kindness? compassion???

We all look for different traits when it comes to our choice. What do we want in the people we want to keep around. That’s why I didn’t write family in the beginning as they are not choice.

But I observed one thing. There’s is something that attracts majority of us….Individuality, oddity, uniqueness.

We all want to be with somebody who is different from the crowd. Who stands out. Maybe, because this serves as steroids in our own ego.

Hey! You know that person?? who doesn’t talk to anybody?? Yeah..she/he is my friend.

But it’s a walking talking deceit.

I never understood different. I got a lot of “you are different” but when I asked how nobody could explain. They tried but it didn’t make sense.

When they find you different people start treating you like a challenge. How long they can hold a conversation with you?? Were they able to sit next to you in a class or ask you something without getting an annoyed look or death stare??

Initially it’s an adventure..a challenge.

But once they get to know you … the reality hits them like hammer on their pinky toe.

Under the layers of your silence, your straight face, your short-one-word answers, your weirdness, your eye-rolls and irritation, I normal simple person is sleeping.

The revelation Stings and deflates their ego.

What they thought to be a gem turns out to be just a grain of sand on some unpopular beach. That, too a normal sand coloured grain. It’s not even pink or black or a grain from some fancy beach.

Then they are disappointed…and clueless about what to do next.

It gets boring and monotonous and that is not fun. There’s nothing to flaunt in simplicity.

People who themselves were looking for a gem to encrust in their badge of their self-claimed significance and wear it on chest are now pissed!!

What will they do now?? How are they going to enhance their own pathetic hopelessly dreary life?

Well… have you seen a grain of sand under a microscope??

download (4)

It’s stunning.

Each one of it is different.

Some of them are chipped parts of shells, glass corals and what not..

They are tiny glimpses of beauty that ocean carries in its womb.

They are carved by water. And water is live. THEY ARE GEMS!

Naked careless unkind eyes doesn’t deserve to see this.

Their charm is only revealed to people who actually care and look closely. Not to people who are hunting for a gem for their stupid badge.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

15 thoughts on “Grains of Sand.

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  1. Your point of simplicity, I think there lies a lot of beautiful things in simplicity. It’s just that people just believe that first impression is the last impression. In my experience, it’s not true at all. ☺️ My first impressions were totally wrong about some people when I actually got to know them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed.
      Peoples first impression is always wrong about me.
      And i stopped believing in first impressions long ago.
      Simplicity is the best policy we started believing and following this since school. So i know the worth and beauty of simple things.

      Sometimes this makes it difficult to blend in as everything and everyone is fake these days and people run after the glam which is just worthless.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think credit should always be given where it is due. But I understand your offer.. Thank you. If I may ask, what day are you referring to? I didn’t exactly pick up an angry vibe from the post I quoted from.


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