Please tell me this is normal

So. Movers will be here tomorow morning..

I have been constantly busy with packing delicate and valuable stuff, washing dishes and all…

And now i am here…knackered…panting and sweating…hurting everywhere (forgot to take ibuprofen)… now watching cubism art video lying in the pool of semi packed stuff…and telling you guys all of this..

Please tell me i am normal!

27 thoughts on “Please tell me this is normal

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  1. Nothing like a thrilling game of Beats the Movers, the packing game where time is not on your side! 😜

    On our last major move, I remember beginning the tedious packing process well in advance so that we wouldn’t be rushing in a panic at the last minute. Ha! I’m pretty sure we were still kinda, sorta still packing even as the movers were hauling our crap onto the truck. 😬

    Wishing you lots of luck!

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      1. Sometimes we hold everything in on autopilot, and sometimes circumstances come into our lives to force the dams release. Allow the release. It will feel like you’ve lost control but really, it is a healing cleansing that your heart is asking for. It will pass, but let it come. 🦋

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  2. Normal? Only if you are scarfing ice cream and pizza too. Truth is…I have learned to like moving. 27 moves. It is fun to find the stuff seem like new in the new place. That said…. my husband will find out how the broomstick works in turbo if he says we will move again. Have a good day…

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