Curse of mindreading..

Guys, meet…umm..he doesn’t have a name.

I refer to him as “strawberry bear” at times.

I got him some 6 to 7 years back and since then I have kept him close.

He is quite Popular among kids, I have to rescue and hide him whenever they are around… just like Red Dog I mentioned months ago in a post. Some of my friends say I am too old to keep a stuffed toy this bright…and I tell them if it’s hurting their eyes they shouldn’t look at it.

I took him out of one of the packed boxes today and we looked at each other..

Me: How can something this small (a little bigger than my hand) have power to dilute my anxiety. 

I look at him and feel better. 

He untangles my nerves and calms me down. 

I am grateful to have him in my life.

Stawberry bear: My hooooman bad! 

Packed me in a box with all the crap she has.

I was lying in there for 3 loooooooong days my face all smashed and squished to her journal!!! I don’t even like to read.…

what kinda hooooman does that?

Stupid hooooman….i want out or I press charges!!

Me: hmm… I wonder how is he going to react the day I will tell him I can read his mind…thank God he cannot talk..

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      1. I hope so. XD. Ok, time to crash. Gotta deal with bullies at school tomorrow so I need to think of some witty comebacks.

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