Which one is a dream???

You are sleeping on the bed of roses

The soft scent of damp petals untangling your nerves

The gentle touch comforting you

Drifting you to valleys never traveled

You are sinking deep

When a Ghoulish demon attacks you

He blows and burns the roses with his pungent breath

And charges towards you

You freeze in stupor and look around

You see blazing red petals flying everywhere

Turning into ash

Landing to blanket you

The demon digs his filthy claws in your feet and start dragging you


Teasing you..

Your eyes roll up and stop to stare the ceiling

Why don’t I feel anything??

Have my pain receptors died??

I am not even scared??

I clearly saw him tearing my skin..

A thousand questions run through your mind

Until your eyelids give up and drape your still wandering eyes..

You force the heavy lids to open once again..

You are sweating …panting..

The comforting smell of fresh roses hit your nerve again

And you feel the softness of flowers you are still lying on..


You let a sigh of relief and your gaze take a round trip of your room

And you see him

Standing in the corner

Donning his vicious smile

Blood dripping from his claws

You don’t dare to look at your feet…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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