Little burglar!

Few days back when I was with mom, I was supposed to stay awake at night. It was around 6 am in the morning I heard a knock on my window. Then it grew louder and it wouldn’t stop.

Now the thing is we have plants outside that window and then there is a fence so it’s not possible for anybody to knock on our window.

And I don’t get scared of ghosts and all..yea..strange I know. If I hear voices and I am alone I start looking for the source. This has happened quite a few times.

So, I got up slid the curtains to solve this Mystery.

And there was this cute little burglar. Just look his mask. I grabed my phone to take pictures.


This angry bird was madly pecking our windowpane..

Then I knocked from inside hoping that maybe he will get scared and leave but NO!! he just got more furious!


Pecking louder and faster!

Now mom was sleeping and this little idiot wouldn’t stop so I opened the side penal and shushed him away. He flew off and hid in a tree, kept Peeking from there waiting for next opportunity.


Here…how sneaky..

I said, ok..good boy!

And I came back to bed. The moment I rested my head on the pillow he started knocking again.

And guess what. Everybody knew him. He started serving as an alarm 2 days before I came here. And out of so many window of our home he only came to ours.

I stayed up with mom for 2 nights and I had to tag somebody and go to sleep in the morning. That’s how we were taking care of mom in shifts. When he didn’t let me I had to go to another room to sleep.

He came only 2 more days after mom left and now he doesn’t come anymore. He served his duty for total 6 days.

Some people are saying he was coming because of mom. We are not at all superstitious, so we are not buying that story.

But we do have this cute annoying story with pictures to always look back and smile.

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      1. Hehe… May be you should check up on him. For all you know, he must be watching you from somewhere, hoping for you to look for him. Sometimes we all want to be wanted. 🙂

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